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Minimizing Recital Chaos

Check out Joe Naftal on the Dance Studio 411 Podcast here:

Backstage organization is key to a successful dance recital, especially when it comes to keeping dancers safe. Parents today seek up-to-date information on their child and want reassurance that they can be notified in case of an emergency.Joe Naftal grew up backstage at his mother’s dance studio and he knows that technology can help make life easier and your business better when it solves an important problem. In this episode you’ll hear tips on how to keep your recital organized and running smoothly. Learn what Joe has gleaned necessary when it comes to backstage success for parents, dancers, teachers and studio owners.

Running a dance studio is hard work, and growing your studio is even more of a challenge. No matter if you’re just starting out—or perhaps you’re a well-established owner; we understand that it’s a uniquely demanding and personal business to own and operate.As studio owners ourselves, we’ve been there. But, it’s also very possible to be a happy owner of a thriving dance business that you love.


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